A Very Bold Botanical Birthday

Deerly Studio recently created some new designs for a very special lady’s birthday, namely my mother. We started planning for quite some time, and through the planning there was no doubt as to the theme of the event stationery; we were going to create a bold botanical birthday.

Flowers are the music of the ground, from the Earth’s lips spoken without sound. – Edwin Curran

Edwin Curran doesn’t know my mother, but this quote resonated especially when thinking of my mother. The theme being classic with some modern elements is an example of my mother as well; being a very classy lady, but who also has a fun sense of humour.

We started off with the save the date for the event incorporating a botanical illustration of a rose, with some calligraphy to set the tone for the invitation that followed.


With the invitation, hand painted calligraphy was incorporated in a muted red to contrast with the pink of the flower. This also showed a beautiful contrast with the vibrant green of the leaves. The modern typography stood in clear contrast to the calligraphy, and added a sense of modernity to the invitation.

botanical-invitation-designOn the day of the celebrations the tables were decorated beautifully by the venue, with an abundance of different flowers in silver vases. With that in mind, we created more elements to tie into the theme. These included, name tags with different botanical illustrations. And also a very special element was “the Story” by Brandi Carlisle. These lyrics have a special meaning for my mother, and it was given with a cupcake for every guest.




The table seating was the final element that showcased an incredible botanical illustration. The names of the tables on the table seating harked back to the typography used on vintage illustrations. The complete design was topped off with a monogram incorporating the venue and date as well.



A look back at September for Deerly Studio


As the Beatles famously coined: “Here comes the sun”. This is most certainly true for the month of September for Deerly Studio. September is known as the month of spring. Spring can be seen as a new beginning, a beginning of exciting things. And that is where Deerly Studio started off for the month of September.

Exciting ventures

We created a beautiful free printable for Plan Me Pretty, and was also featured on their blog.

Have a look at the interview at: http://www.planmepretty.co.za/blog/vendor-spotlight-deerly-studio.

Also, Deerly Studio was part of, no less than THREE, styled shoots for September. We worked closely with some amazing vendors, such as Bride in Bloom, Marion Rehwinkel Jewellery and Hanri Human Fotografie, and have built new relationships in the process. We cannot wait to show you more as soon as they are published. But for now, here is a sneak peek.


We also worked on JT Residential’s branding for the Homemakers Expo that took place at Parkview Shopping centre.

Logos, Logos and more logos

This was a busy month in the logo department for Deerly Studio. We were approached by Mogul Moms, a tradeshow aimed specifically at mom entrepreneurs, to create a logo and the accompanying branding for the show. We went for a sleek look, and with the hints of pink brought in a more feminine look and feel.


Another logo we created was for a vibrant personality in the art world, known as Kholisa Thomas. She is an up and coming art dealer. She wanted a sleek design to portray a contemporary feeling to prospective customers.


JB Web Concepts wanted a new look as well. We collaborated with the client to come up with a more modern logo to suit their website designing skills. Logo-website-designFinally, we worked closely with a special photographer to create her logo for The Pink Magnolia. This is a more romantic feeling, with calligraphy and an illustration to match.



Bohemian Woodland Wedding Stationery

With the request for custom illustrations and calligraphy we knew this bohemian woodland wedding stationery was going to be something special. The invitation design we recently created was for a very special couple. They both live in England, but their roots and loved ones are in South Africa. The bride is an amazing opera singer and a lady of elegance. This was definitely the look and feel that was the golden thread for all the stationery.

Love is all around you, love is there in you laughter, in your hair, love flows everywhere. Love is older than you but the light shining through makes me see your love is all new. –Pedro Calderon De La Barca

I feel Pedro Calderon De La Barca said it beautifully. This was the idea when we created the artwork for the invitations with the focus being on love. A love for family. A love for nature. And a love for each other.


The invitations were finished off with hand painted names of the couple. This was surrounded by an illustration of antlers that were adorned with flowers. The colours tied in with the bride’s bouquet and flowers for the wedding. On the back of the envelope the woodland theme was carried through with a beautiful floral wreath and a stag and doe illustration. The stag and doe was a special request by the groom.



The envelopes were individually addressed with gold calligraphy. Vintage stamps were added to finish everything off. Once opened, the burgundy velvet envelope liner gave a sense of luxury and a feeling of days long past. All of the stationery was printed on thick cardstock, aptly named Woodstock, to add something special. On the day name tags for every guest was created and the couple gave the sweetest thank you card for each and every guest at their intimate wedding.


calligraphy-envelope-name-vintage  name-tag-design