Deerly Studio recently created some new designs for a very special lady’s birthday, namely my mother. We started planning for quite some time, and through the planning there was no doubt as to the theme of the event stationery; we were going to create a bold botanical birthday.

Flowers are the music of the ground, from the Earth’s lips spoken without sound. – Edwin Curran

Edwin Curran doesn’t know my mother, but this quote resonated especially when thinking of my mother. The theme being classic with some modern elements is an example of my mother as well; being a very classy lady, but who also has a fun sense of humour.

We started off with the save the date for the event incorporating a botanical illustration of a rose, with some calligraphy to set the tone for the invitation that followed.


With the invitation, hand painted calligraphy was incorporated in a muted red to contrast with the pink of the flower. This also showed a beautiful contrast with the vibrant green of the leaves. The modern typography stood in clear contrast to the calligraphy, and added a sense of modernity to the invitation.

botanical-invitation-designOn the day of the celebrations the tables were decorated beautifully by the venue, with an abundance of different flowers in silver vases. With that in mind, we created more elements to tie into the theme. These included, name tags with different botanical illustrations. And also a very special element was “the Story” by Brandi Carlisle. These lyrics have a special meaning for my mother, and it was given with a cupcake for every guest.




The table seating was the final element that showcased an incredible botanical illustration. The names of the tables on the table seating harked back to the typography used on vintage illustrations. The complete design was topped off with a monogram incorporating the venue and date as well.