With the request for custom illustrations and calligraphy we knew this bohemian woodland wedding stationery was going to be something special. The invitation design we recently created was for a very special couple. They both live in England, but their roots and loved ones are in South Africa. The bride is an amazing opera singer and a lady of elegance. This was definitely the look and feel that was the golden thread for all the stationery.

Love is all around you, love is there in you laughter, in your hair, love flows everywhere. Love is older than you but the light shining through makes me see your love is all new. –Pedro Calderon De La Barca

I feel Pedro Calderon De La Barca said it beautifully. This was the idea when we created the artwork for the invitations with the focus being on love. A love for family. A love for nature. And a love for each other.


The invitations were finished off with hand painted names of the couple. This was surrounded by an illustration of antlers that were adorned with flowers. The colours tied in with the bride’s bouquet and flowers for the wedding. On the back of the envelope the woodland theme was carried through with a beautiful floral wreath and a stag and doe illustration. The stag and doe was a special request by the groom.



The envelopes were individually addressed with gold calligraphy. Vintage stamps were added to finish everything off. Once opened, the burgundy velvet envelope liner gave a sense of luxury and a feeling of days long past. All of the stationery was printed on thick cardstock, aptly named Woodstock, to add something special. On the day name tags for every guest was created and the couple gave the sweetest thank you card for each and every guest at their intimate wedding.


calligraphy-envelope-name-vintage  name-tag-design