Hello there

Hello, and welcome to my little corner on the internet. My name is Monja; and with my partner, Roaan, and two sons we have a life filled with love, creativity and fun. This also translates directly into my work – infusing love, creativity and fun into every illustration or design that I craft. 

A brief history

In 2015 Jean was born. Stepping into the new role of mother, I spent months thinking about my new role; and how I wanted to teach my son certain values and qualities. I wanted to create a company that would resonate with them as well.  

I found my companies’ name with the help of one of my favourite verses in the Bible:

“He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.”

– Psalm 18:33

A deer – a graceful, strong and free animal. Qualities that I resonate with, and qualities that I would love to portray through my work. 

With this I founded Deerly Studio, and through years of illustrating, painting, sketching and designing – I know this isn’t just a passion, it is a calling.